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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

It’s always interesting to see what kinds of new fashions will pop up when it’s time to send the kids to prom. Most times, high schoolers will do anything they can to outdo each other. Girls who have the best dresses, and sometimes the skimpiest, are the envy of all their friends.

One of the finalists from a duct tape prom outfit contest.

But what about dresses that are made out of gum wrappers or duct tape?

A craze has seemingly swept a certain portion of our teenagers. After checking out pictures fromĀ Oddity Central, I was amazed at what some of these kids could do with only duct tape and a little imagination. In the case of those pictures, the prom fashionistas were awarded money for their time and effort. But what an amazing job!

Not only did they inspire each other, but they also got creative juices flowing for Iowa teenager Elizabeth Ramouson. After viewing pictures of the duct tape dresses, she made a dress out of gum wrappers.

Ramouson says she started collecting the gum wrappers about a year ago. Her boyfriend, who also dons a matching vest made out of the same colored gum wrappers, says she would buy a ton of gum, hand it out to her friends, and then collect the wrappers from them later. Her mother is so proud.

Here is a video of Ramouson’s dress:

Either way you look at it, these young kids certainly had their work cut out for them. It must have taken hours of painstaking work — not to mention working with all that duct tape or gum wrappers! This just proves that a little creativity can go a long way.


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