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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Did you know Paul McCartney is a vegetarian? I didn’t, but then again, I never looked into it until now.

On his latest and upcoming tour, the former Beatle is banning all meat related foods. In other words, he is forcing his crew to be vegetarians, too.

According to Sify News, 480 vegetarian meals will be served each day on the tour.

McCartney has always been an important figure in animal activism, but is this latest move taking things too far? Some fans think his decision to ban meat tastes a little bit like tyranny. So be it — his new title should be Sir Paul McCartney, vegetarian tyrant!

In a bold act of defiance, groups are being formed over the internet to bring beef into the lives of the common people who serve under the tyrant. A blogger from BeatCrave  has already had the idea of smuggling  in foods, like burgers, steaks and ribs to the meat-deprived crew.

While I understand McCartney’s need to revert to vegetarianism, I can’t possibly fathom why he would force those ideas on anyone else. PETA would be thrilled.


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