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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Holy butt cheeks!

Artist Spencer Tunick has created a new installation in his already strange line of artwork. This time, he has decided to place 5,000 people around the base of the Sydney Opera House in Australia — did I mention they’re all completely naked?

This is not unusual for the artist. He has done similar work like this in over 75 locations around the world, including Mexico City and Canada. He strives to study the human form and also aims at breaking the boundaries between what’s considered public and private.

By focusing on a solid mass of human beings, he can give them the appearance of one who entity, which sends us a message that together, we are very similar to one another, regardless of our sexual orientation.

The latest photo from Sydney is being called “Mardi Gras: The Base” and pays homage to people of all sexual orientations. In fact, the installation was commissioned by the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The interesting thing about this project was that Tunick only asked for around 2,000 people to join in for the photo shoot, but a whopping 5,000 showed up instead. Rather than turning them away, he embraced the popularity of his art and invited them to be a part of his message.

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