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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

I really don’t know what it is with this guy, but I keep coming back for more of Paul Reubens. Yes, I own Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, which has been one of my favorite movies since I was a little kid. Yes, I agree he’s been through some rough, perverted times, but he entertains me!

And good news for fans of the actor — he’s going to be part of the cast of a brand new Smurfs movie.

The film will be live action and Paul Reubens will be playing the character Jokey Smurf, a prankster among his fellow smurfs. Not only will the movie be live action, but it will also have some computer animated aspects to it. (Most movies do these days.) Nonetheless, it should make for an exciting, if not interesting, movie in theaters.

Yahoo! Movies reports that there is much more in store for Pee Wee this summer, but fans will have to wait and find out.


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