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For today, I’ll jump on the cool train and post about Michael Jackson. And I begin with this: Why is it that artists who die always release new music again and again? How can they possibly have that much saved up, unreleased stuff?
Could this creeper still be creeping? Photo from nytimes.com.

Could this creeper still be creeping? Photo from nytimes.com.

Look at Tupac. That guy has been dead for years and he keeps coming out with new albums. Well now, Michael Jackson has hopped on board, too. His newly released song, called “This Is It” debuted last night at midnight for all MJ fans to hear. Now, the word is that there may be tons more of his music to follow.

Apparently, the song he left behind only contained his vocals and piano parts, so the rest of the song has been built up electronically. According to the New York Times, the song will run during the closing credits of MJ’s new movie, also called This Is It. What a coincidence!

A chairman of Columbia records, Rob Stringer, said that the label has over 100 songs that are close to being finished. Where is all this stuff coming from?

I heard a rumor when Michael Jackson died — that he faked his own death and is now living with Elvis in a very remote location in England. He is planning the comeback of the century and will eventually announce a tour after he announces he never died in the first place.  Hmmm….

Just throwing that out there. You decide.

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