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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

While browsing through the New York Times music section today, I came across a story about record stores and the lack thereof. After reading, it definitely got me thinking about how many I have (or have not) seen around my area.

Rock the vinyl. Photo by Kate Langenburg.

Rock the vinyl. Photo by Kate Langenburg.

It is true that the invention of the internet, the compact disc, and the ability to purchase online have severely slowed down the sales of vinyl records. Of course, the fact that they are “old fashioned” doesn’t help either. A younger generation refuses to see anything past what they grew up with. But then why is it that many new artists have decided to put out their music on vinyl? There is certainly a love affair with the archaic sound quality.

I have to admit, I love the sound a vinyl record gives me. It is so genuine and pure with no technology to doctor it up. But that article I read, called “Record Stores: Out of Sight, Not Obsolete,” is right. Vinyl is hard to find these days. I can only think of a handful of stores that carry records within a 35 miles radius…but perhaps that is more than other areas around the country might have.

There’s just something so intriguing about spending hours at the local record shop, picking through every last old vinyl until you’ve finally found the right 20 or 30 to take home. It’s a past time that, hopefully, will never die.

If you live anywhere near the Stroudsburg, PA area, you might want to check out Main Street Jukebox. They are the best local record shop I can think of and have always been on a campaign to save vinyl records. They buy whole collections and have a pretty huge vinyl area to look through. Check it out and help save the record!

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