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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Let’s face it. Some movie stars just keep getting cooler with age. I can think of a few — Clint Eastwood, Doris Roberts (from Grandma’s Boy), and of course, Betty White.

The former Golden Girl has been receiving some serious media attention lately. She was seen in ‘The Proposal,’ was recently in a Snickers commercial for this year’s SuperBowl, and even got a lifetime achievement award.

Now, rumors have been circulating that the star will appear as a host on Saturday Night Live. As of right now, these are strictly rumors and no plans to have her on are definite yet.

The rumors started when a facebook group, called ‘Betty White to Host SNL (please?), plead with the entertainment industry to get her on the show. The hope is that the more fans who join the group, the greater the odds she will host SNL. As of right now, the group has a little over 460,000 fans. Because of its large fan base, it has gained much attention from sources like Entertainment Weekly.

According to People Magazine, White is fairly certain that the phenomena surrounding the facebook group will die down soon and she doesn’t expect much to come from it. She thinks that Lorne Michaels, SNL’s creator and producer, is most likely unaware of the group’s request.

We shall have to wait and see. If White does land the gig hosting SNL, she would be one of the oldest hosts the show has ever had.

UPDATE (3.12.10): All those unrelenting fans have finally gotten away with it! Betty White is all set to host Saturday Night Live on May 8 — Mother’s Day weekend— how sweet.


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