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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

For all of you Lost fans out there, I’m sure you’re pretty excited about the season finale happening tonight. It is a moment I have been waiting for for months now and my biggest hope is that they answer all of the questions I have.

But what if they don’t? According to CNN Entertainment, the final season’s DVD release will have tons of extras and will even extend an extra twenty minutes. The reason for this? The producers of the show say they couldn’t fit everything into the television finale to tie up all the loose ends.

So, with the help of CNN, here are some questions that I hope to get some answers to during tonight’s season finale:

  • Is the island really an island, or is it something else entirely?
  • What is the white light?
  • How come Jacob is talking to people when he is dead?
  • In the alternate realities of each character, some links to their roles on the island have been made. Will we see them follow through on these connections?
  • What’s up with the island’s medical capabilities? It can heal people of terminal illnesses, but women still can’t have babies there (except Claire for whatever reason).
  • Polar bears??

Whatever questions that are left unanswered will have to wait until the DVD of the show comes out. That won’t be until August!

Are there any burning questions you want them to address tonight?


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