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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

We all remember last Thursday when celebrities started dropping like flies. First came Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson, but then Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum, too? Say it ain’t so!

If you’re starting to freak out right now, don’t. It was just a hoax. Harrison and Jeff are alive and well. But why are people so inclined to make up rumors like this all of a sudden? Is it because death is becoming the ‘cool’ thing to do?

Why is it that when a celebrity dies, they instantly become ten times more famous than they were when they were living? Think about this…really. When Michael Jackson was living, people thought he was a creepy child molester. Now that he’s hit the dirt, everyone is up in arms and telling affectionate “I remember when Michael Jackson did this…” kind of stories.

But still, let’s thank our lucky stars that Jeff Goldblum has a sense of humor about his own ‘death.’ He reportedly fell off a cliff while shooting his latest movie. This, he cleared  up when he recently appeared on the Colbert Report.

And what about that smashing stud Harrison Ford? He was reported dead on board during a cruise. Nope, not our Indiana. It’s just not his time yet.

Maybe in death, these guys will continue the trend of exploding popularity, but I think most people would rather enjoy them while they’re alive.

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