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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

I sat through Dewey Cox and told myself that I’d never see it again. However, that soon changed after a loved one decided to buy the movie when it came out on disc and I saw it again. You know, I thought, it’s not so bad. Just really silly.

John C. Reilly will take the role as the lead vampire in a freak show in 'Cirque du Freak.' Photo from product-reviews.net.

John C. Reilly will take the role as the lead vampire in a freak show in 'Cirque du Freak.' Photo from product-reviews.net.

I received Stepbrothers as one of my May Netflix movies and laughed sidesplittingly hard throughout the whole thing. I thought, maybe it’s just this funny because I’m a Will Ferrell fan. But no, there was something about the way one of the other character acted that really got me.

John C. Reilly. He’s your man when you want to watch something mindless and utterly ridiculous.

But today I watched the HD trailer for “Cirque du Freak,” Reilly’s latest movie, and I was a little bit disappointed. It didn’t seem silly…well maybe a little. The fact that he plays a role as a vampire in a freak show is silly indeed, but not like the other loveable goofball characters he has played in the past.

The movie revolves around a young boy who goes to a freak show, meets and vampire (played by John C. Reilly), and then decides he wants to become one and continue his life performing in the freak show. Strange, no?

Cirque du Freak is slated to come out October 23, 2009, so I guess we’ll have to wait a while to see how things turn out with this film. Check out all the movie details at IMDB.com.

All I’m saying is that I want to see more silliness from John C. Reilly. I crave it like a vampire craves blood…at a freak show.

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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Laughing my ass off only touches the surface of how much giddiness ‘The Hangover’ made me feel when I saw it last weekend. Seriously, half the people in the theater with me were so close to dying of laughter I thought they might fall out of their seats and croak by only halfway through the movie. Of course, you might want to leave the kids home for this one.

The movie starts with three friends who are having a bachelor party for their soon-to-be-married buddy. It works it’s way backwards, giving the audience a small snippet of what happens at the end of their debauchery, and then starts from the beginning, where the guys are left trying to piece together what they did the night before. Thanks to Allen, played by hilarious Zach Galifianakis, the boys accidentally swallowed some rufies the night before.

In this crude, yet often side splitting comedy, the three friends travel down the Las Vegas strip, gathering any and all information about what they might have done up until that morning, when they wake up in their suite with Mike Tyson’s tiger locked in the bathroom.

I don’t want to give too much more away, but definitely go see this if you are able. Keep in mind that it’s sick and crude humor is not suitable for young children. Naked Chinese men, strippers, and unmentionable other things might not be good for those little eyes to see!

Yuck it up. I’m definitely buying this one when it comes out.

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