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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

One of the latest Oscar winners is causing quite a stir in Japan. The film that won for best documentary, The Cove, is among the controversy.

To give you a little update if you haven’t seen the film, it is about a hard nosed group of fishermen in Taiji, Japan who hunt dolphins both for their meat and for their entertainment value. The documentary shows images that many viewers may have a hard time watching, as the hunting style of the villagers is very gruesome.

According to the Associated Press, the small town has been hunting dolphins and whales since the early 1600s. The people of the town look at it as a part of their culture, while the rest of the world scorns them for doing so. As a result, they feel they are being discriminated against.

Few people knew about the dolphin hunting industry before it was brought to light in this Hollywood documentary. Now that the film has won an Oscar, even more people are in an uproar to have the dolphin hunting stopped. Even so, the fishermen from the town say they refuse to stop.

Because of the film’s popularity, a television series version will premiere on Animal Planet later this year. Also, the politics continue…the makers of the film, have very recently busted a Los Angeles sushi restaurant for serving whale meat to its patrons, which is illegal. And, as always, PETA is in an uproar.


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