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Today I am going to post a blog about one of my guilty pleasures. So don’t judge me, okay?

The third book in the Inheritance Cycle is the best yet! Photo from alagaesia.com.

The third book in the Inheritance Cycle is the best yet! Photo from alagaesia.com.

I have read the first two books in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I am just about to finish the third. You may know each individual books by their true names: Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr.

If you’re thinking of the movie Eragon right now, STOP IT. It was horrible and didn’t live up to the book at all. Seriously guys, read the book. You’ll be hooked on this stuff. It’s technically a children’s literature adventure series, but, like Harry Potter, many adults are now reading it.

Paolini weaves a web of a distant land called Alagaesia, in which dwarves, elves, and humans all live together in sometimes not-so-perfect harmony. Of course, all this comes after the main character, Eragon, finds a dragon egg in the middle of the forest. Little does he know, it holds his destiny. 

So now, three books later, I’m still just as engrossed as I was in the first novel. There are intense battle scenes, colorful characters, and a fantasy world that has sucked me in. Sometimes I even daydream of riding on a dragon…

But here is my beef. The fourth and final book in the series does not have a release date. It doesn’t even have a title or book cover yet. So what I’m thinking is that it won’t come out until some time next year when all the information I’ve read has been lost inside my jumbled brain.

Come on Chris, chop chop! I need to know what happens at the end of the series! The only consolation is that he usually provides you with a little synopsis at the beginning of each novel to let you know what already happened in previous books. Looks like I’m going to have to rely on that!

The most interesting that about the series is that Paolini might well be a genius. He finished writing the first book, Eragon, when he was only fifteen years old. So young for a 760 page book. Kudos, Chris.

You can find out information about the series, the author, and what is to come at Alagaesia.com. But keep in mind that they’re not giving away too much about the series. Brisingr!

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