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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

No, not to Pamela Anderson, unfortunately.

Sacha Baron Cohen has finally tied the knot with his sweetheart Isla Fisher. The two have been together for quite some time now — about 10 years — and, apparently, things are going well for them.

As reported on Indyposted.com, they got hitched in a very secretive, small ceremony in Paris. It better have been worth it for Fisher. She spent the better part of three years converting to Judaism so that she would gain the approval of Cohen’s parents. How traditional…and sweet.

Of course, Cohen has been in movies like Borat, Ali G Indahouse, and the latest screen gem, Bruno. (That last part was sarcasm, if you didn’t pick up on it.) You might know Fisher from movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic and Wedding Crashers.

It’s hard for me to picture these two together, but you know what they say…opposites attract. The fact that they’ve been together so long says worlds about their strong relationship. Congrats!


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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Even though the movie Bruno came out a few months ago, I have just had the displeasure of seeing it recently. I say displeasure because, well, it was awful…and I completely understand why it was banned in several countries.

Sacha Baron Cohen is hilarious. I love the sick and twisted humor he brought in his two earlier movies, Ali G Indahouse and Borat. But I think that perhaps he went a little overboard in Bruno. I don’t know too many people who can handle watching two men have sex, let alone watching one of them being catapulted into the other one’s bum.

I’ve watched Bruno’s character on the Ali G show many times and was highly amused, but I’m rethinking that now. He’s good in small doses, but when you have to sit through an hour and a half of his nonsense, things can get a little old. Throughout the movie, I kept getting progressively more annoyed at his character. I even tried to watch some of the extra features at the end, but then sourly gave up.

As far as the actual plot of the movie goes, it’s pretty much the same as Borat. A foreign celebrity travels to America to become famous. He meets all different kinds of people and makes a huge ass out of himself in the process. He deeply offends costars and audience members. Yep, sounds like the same plot line to me.

It’s also amusing that Bruno is following in the footsteps of Borat in that Cohen has been sued. According to the Wall Street Journal, ‘Ayman Abu Aita filed a lawsuit in the District of Columbia federal court last week against Cohen, talk show host David Letterman and others for slander and libel. Abu Aita is seeking $110 million dollars in damages after Cohen appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and spoke about finding and meeting a terrorist in a secret location. Cohen’s film “Bruno” identified Aita as a ”terrorist group leader al-aqsa martyrs brigade,” which Aita says isn’t true.’

So, to conclude…if you are in any way offended by homosexuality, don’t see this movie. Perhaps if you’re one of those sick individuals with a twisted sense of humor, you might enjoy. As for me, I’m saying “No thanks, Bruno.”

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