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If you haven’t noticed, I have posted very few book reviews as of late. The reason for this is that I have been completely entranced in a new author and have taken it upon myself to read each book of his series from start to finish.

The author: Tim Dorsey. The material: a schizophrenic serial killer named Serge A. Storms is on the loose in Florida. He’s not a maniacal heartless idiot, but is instead a giving moralist — until you get in the way of reuniting him with his briefcase, which is filled with $5 million in cocaine money.

The series focuses on the criminals of Florida: drug dealers, killers, mafia, drug addicts, prostitutes, and every day scam artists. When you bring Serge into the mix, there’s sure to be a crazy adventure in tow. The great thing about this character is the fact that he is so invested in the state of Florida. He is constantly spouting off random facts about Florida’s history, its people, and native land, especially when he gets in one of his manic moods.

Fans of Carl Hiaasen, another well known Florida author, will most likely enjoy the shenanigans of Tim Dorsey’s books. While the two writers are similar in many ways, Dorsey provides more of an edge for his readers. There’s a bit more violence and few gory details are held back. Nonetheless, insane situations are always bouncing around (and usually between many different characters). Some readers may find it hard to keep track of all the characters at first, but once you get the hang of Dorsey’s writing style, you’re all set to tackle one book after another.

As of right now, there are 12 books in the series. (I’m on number 6.) Dorsey’s latest release was Gator A-Go-Go, which came out in January of this year. The order of books is as follows: Florida Roadkill, Hammerhead Ranch Motel, Orange Crush, Triggerfish Twist, The Stingray Shuffle, Cadillac Beach, Torpedo Juice, The Big Bamboo, Hurricane Punch, Atomic Lobster, Nuclear Jellyfish, and lastly, Gator A-Go-Go.

If you’re looking for a crack-up, easy read, I recommend these books. The only thing is — if you don’t read them in order, you might be a bit confused. I can only hope that this truly great author will keep writing!


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As an avid reader of Carl Hiaasen books, I can say that none of his books have ever let me down. I’ve read five of his great eco-friendly novels now, but for some reason, the sixth one just isn’t catching me.

Not the greatest Hiaasen book, but still worth a read. Photo from filedby.com.

Not the greatest Hiaasen book, but still worth a read. Photo from filedby.com.

Double Whammy takes place, as always, in sunny Florida. Well, mostly. (This novel switches a bit to Louisiana, too.) The plot thickens when a famous local bass fisherman is suspected of cheating to win bass tournaments throughout the state. Private investigator Decker is hired to take on the case, but the events in this case go way beyond his usual assignments.

When the famous fisherman is discovered murdered days before a big tournament, someone tries to frame Decker for the crime. All the while, he is still in love with his ex-wife, is seduced by the real killer’s sister, and must try to pull off escaping from the cops long enough to prove his innocence.

The characters in this book are colorful, to say the least. Most of Hiaasen’s characters are. However, there is one in particular that keeps coming back in many of the novels — ex-Florida governor Clinton Tyree, who nows goes by either the name Skink or Captain. He is a crazed environmentalist who eats fresh roadkill, shoots a gun at airplanes, and badly punishes anyone who dares to get caught hurting nature.

In the case of this book, I think Skink may be one of the only reasons I’m still intrigued. I am always curious to see what he’ll do next. Perhaps it’s the fact that the story is about a bass tournament that has turned me off. I’m just having a hard time grasping this story.

But hey, it’s all about opinion. If you like Carl Hiaasen, by all means, read this book. You might love the fishy story!

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I’m going to share one of my guilty pleasures with you so that you can adopt him as one of yours, too. Carl Hiaasen, a fairly well known author from Florida, has written countless books over his years in the field. Some of his greatest hits include Nature Girl, Sick Puppy, and Hoot, which was recently made into a movie (with some help from Jimmy Buffett).

This post will serve as a general overview for you. In the future, I will certainly have reviews of some of his individual books. To tell you a little bit about his novels, they are all mysteries that take place in Florida. Hiaasen has quite a bit of pride for his home state!

Each novel usually introduces readers to five or six different characters, who start out as complete strangers. Through whatever set of circumstances they encounter, they always end up meeting by about three quarters through each book to finish the tale and end the mystery.

The thing that I love so much about Hiaasen’s books are that they all have a nature/environmentalism theme. The topics range from litterbugs to endangered species to cleaning up the ocean. However, the characters are often crazy and comedic, making each book a true pleasure to read. The villains are always suffering from some insane lack of common sense.

Also the fact that all the tales take place in Florida is great, too. It sets the scene for a beach paradise, rich with history and nature. I don’t know about you, but mysteries in tropical places seem more appealing than those in snowy places.

Let that warm Florida sunshine beat down on your face as you pick up your first Carl Hiaasen book! Get enthralled in fighting litterbugs. But hey, if things get too hairy, you can always relax under a palm tree.

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