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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Adolf Hitler. Mass murderer. Racist. Monster. Evil. Deranged. Painter?

I had no idea that Hitler used to be a painter before he decided to turn into a heartless bastard and exterminate millions of people. But apparently, he was. He created watercolors, no less.

A watercolor painting, completed by Hitler in 1910, is set to be auctioned off in Britain next month. The painting, showing a church and mountainous scenery in the background, is signed by Hitler himself. But here’s the weird thing…on the back, it says “Studio Medico Sigmund Freud Vienne,” which has some experts thinking that Sigmund Freud, famous psychologist, owned the painting. (The inscription on the back was the name of Freud’s practice.)

Some people believe that this could have been one of Freud’s ‘waiting room’ art pieces. Most likely, the young assassin sold the painting to Freud or to one of his assistants when he was visiting Vienna.

Still, there is much dispute on the circumstances surrounding the artwork. In an article from AOL News, Peter Nömaier, spokesman for the Freud Museum, said that Freud took all his belongings with him when he left the city and doubts very much that an original Hitler painting would not have been taken earlier by Austrian police.

But that still makes you wonder, could these two have been connected in some way? Perhaps they were acquaintances. It remains a mystery.


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