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Okay, I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds like something out of a movie…

The Associated Press reports that famous paintings worth almost $613 million dollars were stolen out of the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The heist happened overnight last night and the police believe it was done by a highly sophisticated criminal or group of criminals.

The works of art were expertly removed from their frames, leaving nothing behind. The security cameras were disabled, but one video surveillance camera caught a lone individual on tape. That does not necessarily mean that he worked alone. He entered the premises by cutting through a padlock on a gate and breaking a window. 

Some of the paintings stolen were those of Picasso and Matisse. Here is the full video report from the Associated Press: 

The Museum will be closed until further notice so that police can conduct investigations. 


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One of the latest Oscar winners is causing quite a stir in Japan. The film that won for best documentary, The Cove, is among the controversy.

To give you a little update if you haven’t seen the film, it is about a hard nosed group of fishermen in Taiji, Japan who hunt dolphins both for their meat and for their entertainment value. The documentary shows images that many viewers may have a hard time watching, as the hunting style of the villagers is very gruesome.

According to the Associated Press, the small town has been hunting dolphins and whales since the early 1600s. The people of the town look at it as a part of their culture, while the rest of the world scorns them for doing so. As a result, they feel they are being discriminated against.

Few people knew about the dolphin hunting industry before it was brought to light in this Hollywood documentary. Now that the film has won an Oscar, even more people are in an uproar to have the dolphin hunting stopped. Even so, the fishermen from the town say they refuse to stop.

Because of the film’s popularity, a television series version will premiere on Animal Planet later this year. Also, the politics continue…the makers of the film, have very recently busted a Los Angeles sushi restaurant for serving whale meat to its patrons, which is illegal. And, as always, PETA is in an uproar.


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To start off the month of March, I thought we might begin with a celebration (or two)! Two of music’s great influences are soon to be 70 years old – Phil Lesh, bassist with the Grateful Dead, and Herbie Hancock, who needs no introduction.

Hancock’s birthday bash has been given the title ‘Herbie Hancock, Seven Decades: The Birthday Celebration.’ Even though the star will be turning 70 on April 12, the concert will run on September 1 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. The Associated Press says that Hancock will be joined by comedian Bill Cosby, saxophonist Joe Lovano, trumpeter Terence Blanchard, and saxophonist Wayne Shorter, Hancock’s bandmate in Miles Davis’ famed 1960s quintet.

Of course, that isn’t the full line-up just yet. More acts will be announced as the date gets closer. And the best part about all this is that all the money made from the concert will benefit The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. Gotta love a good cause.

Our second 70th birthday boy is Phil Lesh, who will also be having a special concert to celebrate. Lesh’s birthday bash is a bit sooner, kicking off on March 12 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Fransisco, CA. Lesh’s new band, Furthur, will play, along with some of the musicians from his other band, Phil Lesh & Friends.

Like Hancock’s bash, this celebration will benefit a good cause. It will help support the Unbroken Chain Foundation, which is a huge part of the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Charityfolks.com is having a bidding auction for a VIP ticket to the show, a t-shirt for the event, a signed poster, and a meet and greet with Phil. If you win the auction, you get to help him build a float and then ride on it with him! (Oh, the things rich people will do with their money.)

Nonetheless, I’d like to wish these two birthday boys a good one! It’s great that they use their birthdays to support good causes.


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We all know who Kevin Smith is, right? He’s the hilarious completion of Jay and Silent Bob (he’s Silent Bob) and also a very talented director who has sparked much interest in the entertainment industry. He should be treated with respect and dignity, not thrown off an airplane.

Smith was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight because he didn’t fit comfortably in one seat (i.e. because he is fat). The actor acknowledges that he is overweight, but not that overweight. According to the Associated Press, Smith said, “I’m way fat, but I’m not there just yet,” and “If you look like me, you may be ejected from Southwest Air.”

The airline has a ‘customer of size’ policy that requires the customer to be able to fit in one seat. In many cases, airlines will accept a large customer’s purchase of two seats so that they can fit properly.

Smith, of course, was outraged at this. He made a big to-do about the incident on his twitter page, posted pictures of himself making fat faces, and was joined by tons of enraged fans. In this case, being a movie star helped his cause. The airline issued a heartfelt apology and even offered him vouchers for another flight.

Good for you, Kevin. To listen to Smith’s smodcast about the incident, entitled ‘Go fuck yourself, Southwest Airlines,’ visit his smodcast page. You have to admit, it has a catchy title.


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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you people in love out there. Even if you’re not in love with anyone in particular, do something special today to love yourself or someone else!

This picture was taken by Minnesota Aviation.

A farmer in Minnesota named Bruce Andersland has proclaimed his love to his wife in a very strange way — by telling her that love stinks. She couldn’t be more amused. See, he made a half mile wide heart out of manure and presented it to her to show her how much he cares.

He started creating the stinky masterpiece with his manure spreader on Wednesday and didn’t finish until later in the day on Thursday. The two have been married for 37 years and seem to be very much in love. (Well, yah…manure sure says ‘I care.’)

According to the Associated Press, his wife said ‘it’s the biggest and most original Valentine she has ever received. She says some people might think it’s gross, but she says it’s cute and “Why not do something fun with what you got?”‘

Now what I want to know is, who here thinks they can top that Valentine? It would take a lot more manure to top that one.


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Since this is a short article, I will copy and paste it here. You will get the gist of the argument:

Associated Press — The Who gave an energetic, acoustic preview of Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, but things turned serious when Pete Townshend defended himself against critics who say he should not be performing.

The guitarist was arrested in 2003 in Britain as part of a child pornography sting but later cleared. He accessed a Web site containing child pornography but said it was for research for his own campaign against child porn.

That doesn’t satisfy some children’s advocates.

Still, Townshend says: “I kind of feel like we’re all on the same side, I guess that’s all I can really say.”

So, now I will butt my little opinion in here. I feel that Townshend really isn’t defending himself so much as dismissing the remarks of the children’s advocates. It seems that he feels there is nothing for them to be worried about, so they should stop whining. (I’m inputting my words here, not his.)

Still, it is up to viewers of Sunday night’s SuperBowl to decide if they want to watch The Who’s performance. If they want the child pornography incident to remain prominent, they could simply opt out of the halftime show. I, on the other hand, will be watching.

Regardless of what Townshend might have done back in 2003, I am still a fan of this band and will be curious to see what they have to offer. The show will most likely be good, but leave many people reminiscing on the band’s sound during younger days.

Let’s face it, performers never sound the same thirty years later. And what about Roger Daltrey? He’s got to make sure his voice is still intact. Maybe we should be worrying about him a little bit more than we are worrying about Pete Townshend’s past.

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Let’s face it. Some people are just born to be unbalanced, uncoordinated, and generally klutzy. They may stumble through life, wreaking havoc wherever they go. But some people truly take the cake.

Here’s the story…

Imagine you are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. You are admiring one of Picasso’s great masterpieces, a famous painting called “The Actor.” An art class comes along to study the painting, and then WHAM — one of the students loses her balance and falls into the painting, ripping a six-inch hole in the bottom of the canvas.

That is precisely what happened last Friday.

The woman, who has not been named, seems to have just lost her balance, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art would not give reporters any indication as to why.

According to an article in the Associated Press, “The Met said the damage did not impact the ‘focal point of the composition’ and that it should be repaired in the coming weeks ahead of a major Picasso retrospective featuring some 250 works at the museum opening on April 27.”

Talk about embarrassing. I don’t think I would ever be able to live that one down if that were me. I wonder if the museum is making her pay for it…

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