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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Break out your copy of Abbey Road today! It’s the 40th anniversary since the Beatles made the hit album.

Abbey Road early this morning. Photo from AP.

Abbey Road early this morning. Photo from AP.

To commemorate the occasion, Fab Four fans flocked to the actual Abbey Road in London, swarming the road. They even included a Beatles reenactment of the guys walking across the road, just like the album cover.

The spot has always been popular. Fans travel to the site during all times of the year, but today especially was special. It’s hard to believe that already 40 years have gone by since the album was released. And it’s music? Timeless.

I would have to imagine that locals living along the Abbey Road strip are quite tired of having fans walk across their road in groups of four and have someone take their picture. But hey, if you’re living on such a landmark, get used to it!

That is all for today. All you need is love. Peace.

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