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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

The Addams Family, a tv show that goes way back in cable viewing history, has taken on many forms. Of course, it started as a black and white sitcom of sorts, then was transformed into a movie and a sequel (were there more than two?). But now, it has taken on a whole new face…a musical production on Broadway.

One would think that there would be much for theater artists to create, what with the morbidity and dark humor that oozes from the characters. I would picture a dark set with dark props…overall, very dark. Indeed. But what about the characters?

Critics who have seen it were let down by the new Broadway show.

‘”You’ll laugh a lot, though never during the unmemorable songs, which are supposed to be funny but aren’t,” said The Wall Street Journal. “You’re more than likely to spend a considerable part of the evening wondering how much the set cost.”‘

Ouch. That has to hurt for actors Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, who play Gomez and Morticia Addams, respectively.

According to ABC News, ‘The New York Times said: “Being in this genuinely ghastly musical … must feel like going to a Halloween party in a strait-jacket or a suit of armor.”‘

Geez, it must be pretty bad to spark such hatred. If you still have the urge to see this musical, be my guest. But make sure you tell us about it. I hear Nathan Lane was the lesser of all evils throughout the entire play. Check out the Addams Family Musical Website for more.


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Kate Langenburg/A&E Groove

Sometimes, we need to forget about all our responsibilities in life and just follow our passion. This good advice comes from a sound mind in the Obama campaign — actor Kal Penn.

While Penn enjoyed his time serving as Obama’s associate director of public engagement in Washington, D.C., he musn’t have been getting nearly all he thought he would out of the job. It has been confirmed that he will be leaving the White House to begin work on a third ‘Harold and Kumar’ movie. You just can’t say no to a good stoner movie, eh?

According to Yahoo! News, Penn had given his future White House plans to Entertainment Weekly back in April 2009 — he said he was unsure about how long he would be working with the government. He also explained that he still wanted to remain active in Hollywood. At least he made sure not to burn his bridges.

The latest ‘Harold and Kumar’ flick will have a holiday theme and will most likely be released for Christmas 2010. There is some speculation about whether or not it will be in 3D. Shooting will begin in June.

It’s okay if you couldn’t cut it in the White House, Kal. We liked you better when you got stoned and made us laugh anyway.


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