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The folks over at Abbey Road Studios in England sure have had their hands full lately. They have remastered all the Beatles albums and re-released them for purchase.

Okay, so big deal, right? What does it take to remaster an album? And why would anyone want to have an remastered album that they already bought a regular copy of? These are just some of the questions you might be thinking. Believe me, once you hear the newest remastered Abbey Road album, you won’t have any of those concerns.

Thanks guys, for making the Beatles even that much better! Photo from abbeyroad.co.uk.

Thanks guys, for making the Beatles even that much better! Photo from abbeyroad.co.uk.

According to the Abbey Road Studios website, the engineers first had to take a listen to all the Beatles albums to decipher which would be the best to restore. Then, a bit of de-noising technology was used. During the restoration process, “it was decided that any performance-based imperfections, such as breaths and coughs, should be retained. Other faults and noises from the original masters, such as microphone pops or tape dropouts, were addressed on both the mono and stereo versions of the albums.”

Then, they got to work on the final mastering of all 13 albums, during which comparisons were constantly made between the original and remastered versions of various songs. “It was auditioned in Abbey Road’s Studio Three, where all other recent Beatles mixing projects had taken place. Each album was subject to a rigorous approval process, with further EQ alterations performed until the satisfaction of the entire team had been gained.”

And let me tell you, that process certainly worked wonders for the albums. I have heard snippets of the new and improved Abbey Road album, and it was as if I was hearing it for the first time. Not only is the sound quality excellent, but it also includes small sounds that you might not have heard before on the original recordings. This is the aspect that makes it completely authentic — much like the day it was when it was first recorded.

It costs a bit more than normal to purchase one of these cds, but if you  have the extra cash, love the Beatles, and want to hear some absolutely amazing sound, then I recommend going out and buying one (or thirteen) of these albums. Oh yeah, and make sure you listen to this music with headphones at least once.

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