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When I think about Willie Nelson, two things pop into my mind right away: marijuana, of course, and those two long gray braids of hair that he has always sported. Well, now he’s gone and done it — he got a haircut.

According to the Yahoo! Music Blog, Nelson decided it was time to lost his trademark hair because of the constant maintenance and upkeep it was requiring. Yes, it can be difficult, Willie. Also, I might add that summer time often induces hair cuts. When you’re in 90 degree heat, you don’t want to deal with all that hair sticking to the back of your neck.

So, that being said, I dedicate this post to the memory of those long gray locks. I guess the day finally came when the ultimate hippie had to cut his hair.



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What did you think of the season finale of Lost last night? Were you hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what would happen next? I know I was.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. First of all, when Jack killed the man in black by simply having Desmond move a rock in a cave and then stab him, I wasn’t expecting it. I saw Locke’s body laying on the edge of the cliff and expected him to get up and keep on fighting. Killing him seemed like it was going to be such a big task and then wasn’t.

It was interesting that the creators of the show decided to turn the ‘alternate reality’ into a kind of meeting place, or purgatory, for all the characters of the show. One by one, we saw people unite and were ourselves reunited with characters we hadn’t seen in seasons, like Shannon and Boone. Once they all realized they were connected by the island and could remember their experiences together, they were good to go on towards their final end.

The final end is where I have a slight problemo. Okay, so if all the characters died, does that mean they all died within their own time and they are reuniting in heaven (the church)? That’s how I took it. Jack was the last one to die and the last one to reunite in heaven. At the very end, we see a flash of white light. Are they going onward in heaven or are they going back to the island together?

Some people have been arguing that the initial plane crash killed everyone and that they’ve all been dead throughout all six seasons of the show. I don’t see how that is possible. I see their lives on the island as real, the alternate reality as purgatory, and the final scene in the church as an end to a journey to heaven or an afterlife. But I’m sure everyone will have their own take on it. It certainly leaves room for much interpretation. I loved the way they ended Jack’s life, making him die where he initially landed on the island. And the peaceful closing of the eye…

And to follow up on my previous post, they didn’t completely tie up all the loose ends! Looks like we will have to wait for the DVD to come out to get some answers after all. That being said, it’s been a good run with Lost. It’s sad that it’s over, but hey, all good things must end.


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For all of you Lost fans out there, I’m sure you’re pretty excited about the season finale happening tonight. It is a moment I have been waiting for for months now and my biggest hope is that they answer all of the questions I have.

But what if they don’t? According to CNN Entertainment, the final season’s DVD release will have tons of extras and will even extend an extra twenty minutes. The reason for this? The producers of the show say they couldn’t fit everything into the television finale to tie up all the loose ends.

So, with the help of CNN, here are some questions that I hope to get some answers to during tonight’s season finale:

  • Is the island really an island, or is it something else entirely?
  • What is the white light?
  • How come Jacob is talking to people when he is dead?
  • In the alternate realities of each character, some links to their roles on the island have been made. Will we see them follow through on these connections?
  • What’s up with the island’s medical capabilities? It can heal people of terminal illnesses, but women still can’t have babies there (except Claire for whatever reason).
  • Polar bears??

Whatever questions that are left unanswered will have to wait until the DVD of the show comes out. That won’t be until August!

Are there any burning questions you want them to address tonight?


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Okay, I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds like something out of a movie…

The Associated Press reports that famous paintings worth almost $613 million dollars were stolen out of the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The heist happened overnight last night and the police believe it was done by a highly sophisticated criminal or group of criminals.

The works of art were expertly removed from their frames, leaving nothing behind. The security cameras were disabled, but one video surveillance camera caught a lone individual on tape. That does not necessarily mean that he worked alone. He entered the premises by cutting through a padlock on a gate and breaking a window. 

Some of the paintings stolen were those of Picasso and Matisse. Here is the full video report from the Associated Press: 

The Museum will be closed until further notice so that police can conduct investigations. 


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Quite an interesting concept for today’s post…a book vending machine.

According to an article on Gizmodo, a German book publishing company, called Hamburger Automatenverlag,  has decided to turn a bunch of cigarette vending machines into those that will vend books instead. The article reports that the cigarette vending machines will be stocked with novels, travel guides, and poetry all written by authors local to the University of Hamburg area.

This is pretty much a genius idea. Not only is a college campus a great starting point for this concept, but it is also a way to turn an unhealthy addiction into a positive learning tool. Books definitely outdo cigarettes in my opinion.

The best part — all of the books inside the machines cost consumers a mere $5 each.

This idea has caught on in other countries as well. In Canada, they have the same general concept. All of those vending machines, which are supposedly priced at around $30,000 each, come with a secure credit card line so you don’t have to worry about having cash to purchase a book. Upgrade!

Maybe if this idea continues to spread, we could see some book vending machines in our country soon!


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We all know that the recent flooding in Nashville, Tennessee has been devastating to its residents. People have been underwater for days, scrounging to collect any belongings they can save. But how did high-priced items, like world-famous rock instruments, weather the storm?

Not too well, according to the Los Angeles Times. An instrument storage facility, called Soundcheck Nashville, was home to the musical equipment of nearly 1,000 performers. Some of those include country stars Keith Urban and Vince Gill, along with other classic rock gurus like Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend. Brad Paisley apparently lost all his equipment for his upcoming tour.

The storage facility sat underwater for nearly six days before anyone could try to recover the instruments.

The owner of the facility, Ben Jumper, claimed that all musicians were responsible for having their own insurance for each instrument kept there. However, his own flood insurance on the building was minimal. Many of these classic instruments have since crumbled and are in no way recoverable.

This is sad news for rock and roll history. When we lose some of our great musical artifacts, like a guitar once played by Johnny Cash, it’s hard not to think that a little piece of the music dies along with it.

However, all the musicians housing instruments at Soundcheck Nashville are being supportive of each other. Not only are they reaching out to help, but they are also lending out some of the instruments they have that were not housed in the facility. The American Federation of Musicians Union has since set up a donation fund to help out those musicians who can’t afford to replace their equipment.

It’s good to know that when something like this happens, there are so many people who want to help.


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“Give me sugar…in water.”

Remember that line? That big scary cockroach disguised as a human in the movie Men in Black sure did give me the willies, especially when all his fellow cockroaches came spilling out of the dumpster. Ew. The good news — we won’t have to deal with that guy again. The even better news — a third installment of Men in Black is set to be released in May of 2012.

Will Smith has just signed a contract to start production of the film. Rumor has it that most of the original cast and crew will be coming back for MIB III, as negotiations are in progress with Smith’s co-star, Tommy Lee Jones. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the movie will be executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

To me, it seems a little late to be releasing another sequel to the previous two. It was eight years ago that the last MIB came out. And if I remember correctly, it wasn’t received very well. Let’s hope the third romp with the aliens will really rock our solar system.

Oh, and did I mention it is going to be in 3D? This raises my expectations a little bit. When something goes 3D, I really want to see some great special effects..and of course, when aliens are involved, the creators of this film could really do some interesting stuff. I would like a close alien encounter, please.